Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies are inevitable. It can happen even in the middle of enjoying a sumptuous meal. Some examples of dental emergencies include cracked tooth, severe toothache, dental abscess, knocked-out tooth and many others. If you experience any of these emergencies, it is important to call the dentist to receive immediate care.

About the service

If you are suffering from toothaches, home remedies only offer temporary solution. You will need an emergency dentist to take care of the problem. This emergency dental issue might be more serious than you think. Resorting to taking over-counter-medications only offer a temporary relief that can pose danger to your health. The dentist can determine reasons behind the problem and will provide correct treatment.

Hand Family Dentistry, LLC prioritizes dental emergencies and strive to help patients as soon as possible. We perform thorough evaluation by conducting a comprehensive examination to ensure proper diagnosis of the issue and personalized treatment plan. We understand the pain patients have to endure due to dental emergencies like abscesses, lost fillings, knocked-out teeth and toothaches, so we guarantee to provide compassionate care for our patients to manage pain and discomfort effectively.

Our services go beyond regular check-ups because we are here when you need emergency dental care. Our commitment, combined with our dedication to patient care makes us your trusted partner in dental health. Do not let your life be disrupted by a dental emergency. Call 239-274-9797 today for prompt and professional emergency dental service.

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