Full Mouth Restoration

Severely damaged teeth, multiple missing teeth or fractured teeth can seriously affect your confidence. At Hand Family Dentistry, LLC, we will not only perform a full mouth reconstruction, but also bring back your confident smile. Our process is a combination of advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques, guaranteed to address any complex oral issues that need immediate attention.

About the service

We believe each of our patient’s case is unique, so we make sure to provide tailored solutions to restore our patient’s teeth to their best form and condition. Full mouth restoration is a complex process that requires multiple dental visits. In some cases, patients will be required to undergo temporary restorations, which provides a prototype of the actual process performed in definitive restoration procedures. With full mouth restoration, our patients will receive a combination of dental treatment including dental implant restorations, dental inlays, onlays, fixed bridges and crowns.

We are a team of experienced dental specialists aiming to provide the best combination dental procedures for our patients. During the consultation, we will examine your oral health to know the kind of procedure that works best for you. Patients may need to undergo multidisciplinary treatment before the restoration procedure will be performed.

Full mouth restoration provides a solution to problems relating to teeth and mouth, transforming your new smile. Visit Hand Family Dentistry, LLC to learn more about our full mouth restoration services. We help our patients get the best treatment possible because we care about your oral health. Contact us at 239-274-9797 for questions about full mouth restoration or for any oral health related questions.

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